Artist Statement

Painting comes to me from an inner desire to self-express, to capture what goes beyond the tangible and past the obvious. My art is about everything that influences my life, a place, a person, a thought, a feeling of love, anger or exasperation, chance and light.

Chance and light are important components of my paintings. Capturing the light sometimes by chance is my inspiration. The light which can be both a wave and a particle, this quantum entanglement of nanoscale particles fascinates me. The light itself is the magical component in painting, many times trying to find its way to suppress the darkest thoughts in life. I am interested in creating different emotions to the viewers. Water and liquid of any kind is our existence, without it there is no existence, therefore, liquid along with the chance of any kind is integrated into my art to take me and the viewers to unknown paths, to unexpected surprises, to provoke the emancipation of the mind, to lead to places that cannot be seen with bare eyes. The texture of materials, the brushstrokes, the drippings, and the colors let the viewer free to use his own imagination and give his/her own interpretation.

Growing up on the island of Crete, in Greece, the sea and its stories have been for me an internal part of perceiving the world.  Thus, the ever-moving sea, magical landscapes or imaginative figures in my work,  many times from aerial views,  are always in constant movement and flow. Nothing is still in nature unless one captures that moment, that wave, that feeling in any way he/she can. This is my way to capture my moment, a split of a second, a feeling, a storm, a secret that would otherwise be long forgotten.