A series currently in a Uconcept Gallery in Shanghai

Landscapes- Seascapes

I love painting landscapes, mostly from my imagination, from the memories of visual attractions. My subconscious does all the job and releases to my memory what I want to remember.

This painting was inspired by one of my travels in Crete, it is SOLD similar is can be recreated
SOLD: Memories of Feelings


The feeling of freedom is the greatest thing one human being can be grateful for. For, freedom brings happiness. The freedom to think, to create to express his or her inner feelings, ideas, thoughts, and beliefs. I try to bring this freedom in my abstract paintings, the freedom to express in colours what cannot be expressed in words.



I love painting women, I believe in women power,  their versatility and kindness. It’s liberating and I try to create something bold but elegant at the same time. In my homeland many thousand years ago the ancient Minoan women had a prominent role in the society.  I grew in a family of five where the only male was my father who in turn grew up in a family of eight where he and his father were the only males. Painting them is my tribute to all the wonderful women in the world.

Colour the paradise and get in


Painting florals in an abstract way helps me appreciate nature’s beauty and grow as artist  .  I may live in the city but I can still smell the jasmin in my grandmother’s yard



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Samples portraits


Space view
SOLD: Space view